Artist’s Statement

Inbetween III
Inbetween III, 12″x16″

Encaustic is a medium involving hot wax mixed with pigment, fused together in layers. I love this medium and the possibilities it offers for richly textured surfaces, luminosity and depth.

My work has always involved representations of the natural world; life cycles, strength versus vulnerability, and landscape in its most basic abstract form. Recently I have been working on a few different series relating to the vulnerability of people against the sheer scale of the natural world. The sometimes dangerous tension that exists between humans and the natural world appeals to our basest voyeuristic instincts while at the same time stirring feelings of empathy and compassion that in an age of unbridled voyeurism are increasingly remote. The parachute paintings, for example, are about escape fantasies, the paradox of “escaping” into a vast – and possibly terrifying – unknown, and the massive scale of the world outside our own experience. We often make decisions in life and can never have all the information needed before “taking the leap”.

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